So, what is BuggyPlus?

Hey there!

You’re probably wondering, what the crap is BuggyPlus? I mean, I’m even sitting here thinking, “BuggyPlus, really?” But ya know, I feel like this blog is going to help Plus Size women. So, why the heck not?!

So hello again! My name is Jada! I have a bunch of names, but some of my favorites are wifey, mama, small business owner, and fashion & beauty enthusiast. My mom and friends called me JadaBug growing up, which then evolved into Buggy into my college days. So you can call me Buggy. Or JadaBug, or just Jada! Whatever fits your fancy.

I decided to start this blog for a number of reasons, honestly. I’ve worn plus sizes for literally all my life. (I can remember wearing a pair of my sisters size 14 GAP shorts in the 4th grade, and couldn’t figure out why the other girls were making fun of me, because, hello? My shorts were from the Gap. Insert hair bounce emoji. Turns out, it was because I was as big around as I was tall! #growingpains) Even when I was in awesome shape as college athlete, I’ve still always been a size 14 or more. I don’t think my bones would even allow me to be any smaller. Crazy right? Well, fashion has been a friend of mine for years, but I would always hear things like, “big girls shouldn’t wear crazy patterns” or “crop tops are not for plus size” or my personal favorite, “skinny jeans are for skinny folks.” And well, quite frankly, I believed it. So, I would stay in my lane of boyfriend jeans, flats, solid color tops and cardigans. Especially after I had my son. (which is a whole other story for anotha day!)

Fast forward to about 10 months ago. I was super annoyed with my body and myself. So I naturally started my 100th diet, joined a Crossfit gym, and I was on my way to a hopefully, happier Jada. I’ve lost around 50 lbs to date, but fret not. Ya girl is still very plus sized and fabulous. But, I had no clue how to dress this new-ish body of mine. I decided to turn to my trusty friend, the internet. Lawd, did I find inspiration. Plus size women of all shapes and sizes, wearing whatever the hell they wanted! And looked ridiculously good doing it!

These women, who gave zero f’s, gave me the confidence to wear, you guessed it, a freaking crop top! And the rest is history! Two piece bathing suits, ripped skinny jeans and booties, high waisted jeans with a shirt tucked in, sheer body suits and all.

So here I am, ready to share my secrets, favorites, and all things women. And if you made it this far, thanks a million for taking the time to read about this crazy journey of mine! Stick around for more of my quirky, weird, yet informative posts! You won’t regret it!


Buggy, or JadaBug, or ya know, just Jada